Our vision

Our vision is that every child has a friend to talk to, sit with, and play with. Friends are very important, especially at school, and sadly not everyone has one. But through the friend bench one day everyone will have a friend. Having friends boosts children’s confidence and moods. The extra gain in confidence can help them to not become a bully and be victims of bullying. If everyone had friends the world would be a much friendlier place.

Our Story

The friend bench was originally a science project, and a great one in my opinion. My, father, brother and I were brainstorming possible ideas for a science project idea, when I brought out the guidelines rubric my father though an engineering project would be much better. So we thought of all our problems, and then tried coming up with solutions to these. We went through multiple ideas before we had a good one. When I said that my problem was being bullied at school and having no friends my brother told us about a bench the girl scouts had put up at there school. For one of there projects they made a bench, called the friend bench, they put it outside near the playground and if anyone ever needed to find a friend they could go sit on it and wait for one. I thought this was an awesome idea, however I didn’t think very many people from middle and high school¬† would sit on the bench. They might consider it embarrassing not to have any friends and sitting on the bench the whole school would know. So I thought, maybe we can use something teens like, technology! We had originally planned to make an app, but after research we decided on a website. So that’s how we turned a science project idea into an awesome and helpful website.

Meet the Team

The friend bench was created by an awesome father daughter duo that can’t wait to answer any questions or concerns you have about the friend bench. We loved making the website and learned a lot of cool new things about building websites!


Rylan Jones

Web Designer

Rylan is a thirteen year old eighth grade student. She loves all animals, especially dogs, and enjoys going on hikes, doing art, and going to the beach. Rylan was lucky enough to get to do the designing on the friend bench and it was an amazing experience that taught her so much. She had never made a website before and wasn’t ever planning on making one, however she did and looked awesome while doing it!




Jason Jones

Website Developer

Jason is the superstar dad who helped his daughter encouraged and helped his daughter the whole way. When he isn’t working or building the website he is at the beach or on a hike. He was a trooper from start to end with all the long nights and annoyingly long you tube videos, yet he persevered and tried his hardest to make this website that best it could be. Without his help and effort none of this would have been possible, so lets give him some appreciation and show how much we love his site by signing up your school to be a the friend bench group!


Thank you so much for learning the history behind The Friend Bench. If you still have some questions please visit our FAQ section or contact us and we will respond within 1-2 business days. You can also register and create an account with us. We can’t wait to see you on The Friend Bench!