How do i create an account?

To open a new account you can scroll down on the homepage to find a login box. Under the box there is a link that says “Register.” If you click on that a bunch of questions will pop up and you will have to answer them. Once you submit your answers you should receive an email that includes your registration code. If you do not receive a code it means that you were not approved to join the site.



How much does it cost to register?

Joining The Friend Bench is free! We would never want to put a price tag on how many friends you make!

How can i create a new group?

Thank you so much for your interest in creating a group, to create a new group please email at and I will get back to you soon with questions about how you would like your group to be set up. After emailing me I should be able to create your group in less than 5 business days.



i can’t get on the friend bench with my computer, why?

I am so sorry to say this but the Friend Bench only works on safari. If you can get safari on your computer it would totally work!